UNJ-Durham, Rubber Match

Good morning, KC Tar Heels! It’s nice to have a couple of wins to talk about, after a rough week last week. I can’t believe we blew out a decent team with Luke Maye shooting 1-for-15. It helped that Theo had the game of his life.

So now, for better or for worse, our “reward” for winning two games is to play a red-hot Duke team (aka, the University of New Jersey at Durham, aka [censored])* for our third game in three nights, after seemingly half of our team suffered minor injuries in the second half last night. Thankfully, all involved came back and played and seemed OK (only Joel Berry is on the Vegasinsider.com injury report, and he is listed as “probable”).

*-I know I’m recycling a joke, but we won the game where I made it before, so this is strategy.

Point being, this won’t be easy, but it rarely is against that other school on 15-501, and I think our guys are ready for the challenge. I hope The Peanut is also ready for the challenge. The game will likely tip around 8:30 p.m. The good news is that the  KU game is at 6 p.m. Space should open up after that. I assume they will have the second Big 12 game on a lot of screens, but since it’s Texas Tech vs. WVU, I can’t imagine there will be dozens of people there clamoring to watch it. I don’t know if they’ll give us a formal reservation, but I’ll at least call and give them an estimate. This will be happening no matter how many of you express interest, because I’m not allowed in my house when Carolina plays Duke. J I have a ticket to the Big 12, and I’m going to attend the first game but then leave, so I should get to The Peanut around tip-off time.

Please e-mail me (adavis@wcllp.com) in the next couple hours if you plan to attend tonight. I want to call early afternoon with a count for the folks at The Peanut. If you have contacted me since the win last night no need to do so again, but if you said something earlier in the week like: “I’ll come Friday if we win the first two,” please confirm that you are, indeed, coming tonight.

Thanks, and go Tar Heels! -Adam

March 9, 2018
8:00 pm
The Peanut 7938 Santa Fe Dr, Overland Park, KS 66204, USA